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NOC Collab Bundle (7-pack)

NOC Collab Bundle (7-pack)




NOTE: 7 Collab NOC Decks Special Price 24 Hrs Only (Only 144 Bundles Available)

The NOC brand has expanded into a global sensation. SO many companies and individual want their own NOC deck. Over the last years, we've partnered with a lot of these companies in collaboration to produce their own NOC deck. Here are 7 of our favorite collabs. In this bundle you will get the decks below. Most of these we're never for sale and won't ever be on our site. 

  • 1 Shin Lim x NOC
  • 1 Theory11 x NOC (Midnight NOCs)
  • 1 Art of Play x NOC (Color chosen random)
  • 1 Difatta x NOC (NOCturn Deck)
  • 1 Magic8 x NOC
  • 1 Murphys NOCs V3 (Sideways Tuck)
  • 1 NOCs of Steel