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Version 1 of these trainers are LIMITED and we cannot guarantee another run. Special Price Available for 48 Hrs. Only

A new trend has risen over the last few years - and we see SO many possibilities with it. HOPC has taken a giant leap forward in this realm and has worked hard to bring this product to life. This secret project was held secret for months but now we are finally excited to unveil it! 

Introducing PACs - Cardistry Trainers which perfectly compliment your NOCs. Handmade by Vivek Singhi, each set contains FIVE (5) cardistry trainers, which when put together perfectly equal the thickness of a deck of cards. There are GREAT cardistry trainers out there by a variety of companies - and we strongly suggest checking them out - but when you want the original NOC trainers, PACs is the answer!  

  • We are proud to collaborate with Magic Encarta for this project.