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Shin Lim 10-Pack (Signed Deck Included)

Shin Lim 10-Pack (Signed Deck Included)




NOTE: This bundle includes 10 Shin Lim NOCs - ONE (1) of the 10 decks will be an autographed signed deck by Shin himself. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Last week we met up with Shin Lim and filmed some cool content! We also signed some decks. We only have what you see in the photo. No more and no more will be signed. Now after winning America's Got Talent Shin's autograph is in HIGH demand but he agreed to sign just a few decks for us. In this 10 pack, you'll receive NINE (9) regular Shin Lim x NOC deck, and ONE (1) Signed Shin Lim x NOC deck underneath the cellophane.